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There is No Perfect Anything

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Along with your monthly breast self-exam, do you ever take a beat to examine your expectations?

These past few months have taught me so much (see: the Universe doesn’t throw you for a spin without reason), including how essential it is to manage your expectations for relationships, experiences, and well, everything.

Cue learning how to be in tune with yourself and intentional when choosing who you surround yourself with and how you spend your time. It may sound overwhelming at first, but you can approach each facet at your own pace. Let's start here:

Are you aware of the pressures you may put on yourself? On others? How are you gauging that?

Does your crew want to see you flourish? Support your journey? Will they lovingly confront you if they’re concerned for your well being?

Answering questions like these will scoot you closer to examining your expectations with clarity.

*self-examining the healthy body I was gifted*

You’ll find that you risk facing more disappointment, discouragement and discomfort (all unavoidable experiences, but why ask for it?) if your expectations are unrealistic. The sooner we try, the sooner we learn and the better we will be.

Adjusting my expectations has given me so much peace, truly. I wake up grateful for what is and what will be in all areas of my life. I keep my standards high while allowing for flexibility and fluctuation because no one is perfect, and they will never be. We can only hope that they’re giving this life thing their best, just like we are.

Say it with me, "I will never be perfect, but I will always do my best to be me: healthy, authentic me."

Mindfully yours,


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