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Namaste Faithful to Living Friendships

As I sit down and write this, I can't help but give my 'lil heart a hug because of how much I've grown in all the ways, including through my social life.

You know, I wasn't that tot with a clique or someone who had a childhood friend assigned to her at birth. Instead, I went through elementary, middle, high school and even college with a biggest chip on my shoulder: I couldn't understand why my friendships were for the most part transient, short-lived and damaging to my self-esteem once they ended.

I'd be lying if I said "it's not you, it's me." In reality, both parties were at fault. I wasn't at home in myself and I sought acceptance in others. I wasn't intentional with my friendships, yet I hoped that whoever was in my circle at the time would happen to be the best fit for me.

"I water you, you water me. We grow together." (Photography by David J. Perez) After years of loss and lessons, I take responsibility for my relationships and I choose who I want to share my journey with. I've reestablished old friendships, created new friendships and discovered the joy of helping others grow as I grow. It's not about them, it's not about me, it's about us.

Our twenties are the age of cutting harmful ties, nourishing healthy relationships and remaining open to all possibilities.

Mindfully yours,


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