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A Self-compassion “Gift Guide” for the Holidays

Greetings from a sweaty, but self-compassionate turkey -- it me.

I've learned so much since Thanksgiving of last year. I've learned to act from a place of calmness. I've learned to show up, for myself. I've learned to create my own joy, a lifestyle that sustains it and that it's okay when things are just okay, even awful.

Each day, each breath is a gift and I relish every one (thank you, yoga!).

As you craft the perfect wishlist this holiday season, consider the following “gifts” of self-compassion in different forms! From you, to you.

Welcome, then release your holiday-centric samskaras

When fall hits, so do memories of past holiday seasons, perhaps bringing comforting and/or challenging emotions with them.

This is an opportunity, to face these samskaras (or “subtle impressions of our past actions”) with intention; I’d describe them as “emotional injuries”. We can be aware of these injuries without having to dwell on or get lost in them. We can welcome them with love and release them with compassion for ourselves, knowing it’s okay to look back when remembering to come back to the present for clarity and grounded-ness. We can heal.

It’s a gift to use awareness to free yourself of any painful holiday-related samskaras, a gift you’re so worthy of.

Remind yourself of what you have, not what you don’t

We are happy where we are in life, and yet. There's always a "yet," but does there need to be? I've been reminding myself lately that "there is a time for everything." I trust so deeply that everything comes together in perfect time. Remind yourself of that this holiday season-- there is no rush, no finish line. Be where you are, it is good enough.

It’s not always easy to access this gratitude, especially during trying chapters, but I promise that tuning into yourself and recognizing the beautiful gifts around you will be the best gift there is: a sunrise, warm cup of coffee, tight hug, and so on. What you have is good enough.

Be flexible when indulging...a little more than usual

I almost wrote be flexible “and forgiving”, but indulging shouldn’t require an apology. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying, even if we overdo it a bit. Savor the smaller portion of pie, because eating more doesn’t necessarily make for more pleasure. Embrace the upset tummy if you go for a chunky slice. Do what feels right and good for you.

No judgement, just love for yourself - and that pie. Much love to you all!

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